Our Story

I had been devouring the homemade granola bars from a local bakery for breakfast every morning, to the point where I would wake up thinking about them. When I finally admitted to myself that granola was my food crush, I began experimenting with my own homemade cereal.

As a self-taught baker, I spent countless hours blending and baking an array of natural and organic ingredients, until I discovered the perfect, crunchy bite. I shared my goods with friends and family and was told over and over it was THE BEST granola they’d ever tasted. Michele’s Granola was born!

What began in early 2006 as a one-woman farmers market show, has developed into a thriving business. My granola-making team and I now prepare almost 5,000 pounds of granola each week, which we distribute to nearly 200 community markets, grocery stores and food service facilities.

The Handmade Difference

All of our products are handmade by us in our dedicated granola facility, where the emphasis is on producing granola of exceptional quality from scratch.

We maintain a small batch artisanal process and give extra special care to every batch we make.  The result is just-baked freshness (no preservatives here!) and consistent homemade quality in every bag of crunchy, golden clusters of Michele’s Granola.

Whole Grains for Whole Health

At Michele’s Granola, we are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, starting with the ingredients we use in our products.  Our granola is made only with 100% organic whole grain oats to provide you with all the nutritional benefits whole grains have to offer.  Whole grains contain more fiber, more protein, and more essential vitamins and minerals than their refined counterparts.

Every bit of whole grains in your diet contributes to your total health.  Eating whole grains helps significantly lower the risk of major chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  What’s more, studies have shown that whole grains not only contain a comparable amount of antioxidants to fruits and vegetables, but they also contain valuable antioxidants not found in fruits and vegetables!