Our Team

Jen Customer Relations ManagerJen, Customer Relations Manager

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: Ginger Hemp (which she eats for lunch every day, straight outta the bag)

What we love about Jen: When she’s not spreading Michele’s Granola to the yearning masses, she enjoys bike adventures with her family and seeing live music. Her favorite quote is, “Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching,“ by Satchel Paige. We think this sums up Jen’s zest for life beautifully!

haleyHaley, Production Manager

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: Ginger Hemp

What we love about Haley: Haley loves to snowboard, kayak and skateboard and carries her Koastal longboard with her everywhere she goes. When she’s not in the granola kitchen, she can be found paddling down the Gunpowder River or cheering on the Old Dominion Women’s Lacrosse team. Both of her younger sisters, Courtney and Maggie, are members and Haley says, “their team can finish a 5lb bag of Michele’s in a 4hr bus ride! THEY ARE BIG FANS!”

brianBrian, Packaging Associate

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: Cinnamon Raisin & the spring seasonal Lemon Pistachio

What we love about Brian: When he’s not busy packaging granola and keeping our facility clean and well-stocked, Brian enjoys music, football and “look’n fresh”. Says Brian, “I like to give and make people happy. I’ve been blessed with much and always willing to share”

TonyTony, Sales and Distribution Manager

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: Ginger Hemp

What we love about Tony: Tony oversees the fulfillment of all wholesale orders and helps the business grow by introducing new customers to our products. When he’s not on the road visiting our retail partners and making sure their shelves are stocked with plenty of MG, he’s probably on the road touring with his favorite jam band. He adores his rescue pit bull, Sweet Pea, and has been completely vegan for 10 years—right down to his cruelty-free sneakers!

TaquaChantauque (Tauque), Head Packaging Manager

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: All of them!

What we love about Tauque: Tauque has been part of the Michele’s Granola family for 4 years. She has progressively taken on more responsibility as our company grows, all while raising her 3 young sons, Atun, Qebehsenut and Hapi, all named for Egyptian Gods. Tauque enjoys reading in her spare time, and keeps us all smiling with her enthusiasm, joke-telling and karaoke skills.

StevenSteven, Assistant Packaging Manager

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: Cherry Chocolate

What we love about Steven: “I love a good hard day’s work full of accomplishments!”, says Steven. When he’s not labelling bags, packaging granola and supervising our team of packagers with his typical cheerful demeanor, Steven enjoys gardening, home improvements, movies and hanging out with his family, friends and dog, Timmy. He’s also an avid ghost hunter!


John, Bakery Production Assistant & Farmers Market Manager

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: Cherry Chocolate

What we love about John: John bikes 10 miles to work every day to save fuel! Despite this commute, John is always early to work; a skill he says he learned in his other job as a US Navy Reservist. John is active both in the kitchen and in his spare time when he enjoys chess, running, scuba diving and hiking.


Sam, Production Manager

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: Ginger Hemp

What we love about Sam: Sam is one of our senior production assistants and the key ingredient in our comprehensive Quality Assurance program, which she created and implemented to make sure our granola is consistently fresh, crunchy and delicious. Not only is she a gifted granola maker and incredibly positive person who is always sharing gratitude with her teammates, but she is a talented dancer to boot! She dances professionally with Deep Vision Dance Company, and also would like you to know that she is vegan and can lick her elbow. [photo credit: Maxime Siegler]


Julia, Facilities Manager

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: Original

What we love about Julia: Julia keeps impeccable tabs on our equipment and inventory, while rallying our team with her upbeat, get-it-done attitude. Outside of the bakery she’s quite the traveler: Julia has visited all 50 states! She’s also a pitbull advocate and a huge fan of original VWs.


Griff, Head Baker

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: Cinnamon Raisin

What we love about Griff: Griff is one busy guy! In addition to his top-notch work in our kitchens, he performs with three bands and produces music, too. “My favorite part about working at Michele’s,” says Griff, “is taking part in the comfort and joy of making a consistently amazing and delicious product in a supportive and creative workplace environment.” Find Griff on Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/grifterofease


Tina, Packaging Associate

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: Ginger Hemp

What we love about Tina: She describes herself as a “geeky girl that likes to make a huge mess in the kitchen,” but we see her as a wonderfully multi-talented team player with a keen eye for detail and quick hands! While she waits patiently for George R. R. Martin to write his Song of Fire and Ice series, you’ll find her baking and cooking up a storm of unexpectedly delicious flavor combinations. You’ll find some of Tina’s delicious recipes regularly posted on our Facebook page, including Mango Ginger Shortcakes and Honeyed Goat Cheese Pie


Lauren, Business & Marketing Manager

Favorite Michele’s Flavor: Ginger Hemp and fall seasonal Apple Quinoa

What we love about Lauren: On any given day, Lauren may be snapping candid photos in the kitchen for Facebook, creating customer invoices, or writing the next edition of our e-newsletter. Outside the bakery, she helps others adapt a healthier lifestyle through her nutrition coaching practice. She “relaxes” by training for and running marathons and ultra-marathons, so you’ll often find her running with her husband and their dog Osita.