Is your granola really handmade?

Yes! At Michele’s Granola, we make all of our products from scratch, by hand, at our small-batch bakery facility.  Even our packaging is done by hand!

Where can I find the ingredient and nutritional information?

All ingredients, as well as the nutritional information, per ¼ cup serving, are listed on the back panel of every packaged bag of Michele’s Granola. The information is also listed on The Goods section of our website.

How should I store my granola?

Unopened packages of Michele’s Granola have a nice long shelf life of about 3 months, despite not containing any additives or preservatives. Your purchase will be stamped with a “Best Buy” date. If you need it to last longer, we recommend storing it in the refrigerator or freezer. Once you dig into your granola, please make sure to re-seal open packages completely and store in a cool, dark place for maximum freshness.

Is Michele’s Granola certified organic?

While we are not yet certified organic, our granola is about 70% organic by volume.

Is your granola gluten-free?

Our granola is wheat-free, but is not certified gluten free. There are no wheat products in our facility.

Is your granola dairy-free?

Our granola is dairy-free, and we do not use any dairy products in our facility.

Is your granola vegan?

All of our products are certified vegan except our Cherry Chocolate variety.  Michele’s Granola is sweetened with organic brown sugar, which is vegan certified.

I’m allergic to nuts – do you offer any nut-free varieties?

Our Ginger Hemp granola is nut-free, but is made in our facility which processes nuts.  However, our granola and facility are 100% peanut-free.

Where are you located?

Our bakery facility, where we run our entire operation, is located in Timonium, Maryland.  We also use local ingredients from Maryland and Pennsylvania whenever possible.

Do you have a store front?

While we do not have a store front, you are welcomed to drop by and say “Hi” to the granola crew at our bakery facility!

Where can I find your products?

Use this nifty Store Locator to find a Michele’s Granola vendor near you!

I’m interested in carrying Michele’s Granola at my store or cafe.  Who should I contact?

Great! Please fill out our Wholesale Inquiries form and our Sales team will get back to you promptly.

Any other questions or comments? Feel free to contact us! (Snail mail’s nice, too!)