Partner Shout-out: South Block Juicery

Amir, owner of South BlockWith the mission "To build healthier block at a time," how could you not love South Block?

Amir Mostafavi, pictured here in his finest Michele's Granola swag, is the owner of South Block. Under his leadership and vision, this little juice bar in Arlington, VA, has expanded to an empire with five locations in just five years! Not only do they create and deliver delicious, nutrient-packed juices, they also serve the finest acai bowls we've ever tried, many of which are topped with our crunchy, handmade granola.

How much granola do these guys use? As they're expanding, we're delivering upwards of 100 pounds or more Original granola to them weekly! Drop in for an acai masterpiece and a cold pressed juice, and say hello from us.

A visit to South Block

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