Are you our next Baker?

Michele's Granola is looking to add another full-time Baker to our team this spring!

As a Baker at Michele’s Granola, you are a key member of our Production and Baking Teams. The primary role of each Production Team Member is the precise execution of several different recipes of granola and muesli cereal, preparation of the granola for baking, and quality assurance. As a Baker you have the additional responsibilities of operating the ovens, baking the granola and performing the finished product quality control.


You are considered a senior team member and expected to set an example of excellence in the company’s primary areas of employee evaluation, which include: Overall knowledge of job, hygiene & sanitation, organization & time management, quality & consistency of work, attendance & punctuality, and overall contributions to company, team and product. Expected contributions to the team, product and company include exhibiting a professional demeanor at all times, helping to build a positive team and cooperative workplace spirit, applying rigorous Quality Assurance practices throughout our daily production, and pro-actively responding to company’s opportunities for growth

As part of our small-batch granola production line, you will have clearly defined tasks to complete during the daily production and baking shift, including weighing and mixing ingredients, spreading granola across large baking sheets, loading oven racks, and handling hot heavy pans. The position involves standing for extended periods of time, repetitive motion, moving at a steady pace, and lifting up to 50lbs, and pushing and pulling up to 150lbs.

Responsibilities of all Production Team Members include:

    1.  Following established food handling and other preparation procedures
    2.  Upholding our high quality assurance, food handling safety, hygiene and sanitation standards
    3.  Cleaning duties like dish washing, sweeping, and trash removal
    4.  Other duties as assigned, e.g. assisting the Packaging Team and maintaining our facility

    Basic Expectations of our Bakers include:

      1.  Minimum 3-5 years of professional baking experience
      2.  Ensuring the highest quality finished product
      3.  Outstanding food handling and production skills, including time management, organization, reliability and enthusiasm in the kitchen, and adherence to safe food handling practices
      4.  Clear and consistent communications with Production Team Managers, Head Baker and Team Members, as well as the Packaging Team, Facilities Manager and Company Owner as needed
      5.  Promptly and courteously addressing any baking process or personnel issues with the Baking Team and/or specific Team Members, with support from the Head Baker and/or Production Manager
      6.  Actively contributing ideas to improve work flow and product quality, and executing their implementation

      Specific Roles of our Bakers include:

      1.  Assisting with measuring and mixing of raw materials according to specifications and recipes, and maintaining consistency in food quality and production standards;
      2.  Baking pans of granola following all process, quality and time management standards;
      3.  Executing finished product Quality Control procedures;
      4.  Completing all required production records and food safety logs, including and not limited to:
        • Baking notes (in Production Notes)
        • Rack QC notes
        • Sanitation logs
      5.  Cleaning and maintaining the ovens, oven racks, and baking area of the facility; communicating repair or equipment needs to Head Baker

      6.  Supporting the Baking Team in the Head Baker’s absence, which includes:

        • Opening the baking area of the kitchen with a pre-operational inspection of space and equipment, and firing up the ovens to correct baking temperature
        • Setting the day’s bake team work flow schedule and maintaining the pace
        • Overseeing activity at all baking work stations, ensuring hygiene and sanitation, allergen control, quality assurance, and production procedures are being executed properly.
        • Ensuring the maintenance of a clean, sanitary production facility and adherence to safe work practices, by conducting regular formal, as well as frequent informal spot-checks throughout the baking area
        • Liaising throughout the day with Production Manager and Packaging Managers about scheduling and Quality Assurance issues
        • Completing all requested Daily Notations and Record Keeping
        • Reporting to Head Baker immediately upon his return regarding issues or concerns with scheduling, production, facilities or equipment.

        7.  Performing other duties as assigned.

        If you meet the qualifications, live in the Baltimore metro-area and are interested in applying, please email your resume to

        Competitive pay and benefits package offered.

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