New Product Alert: Michele's Body Pillow 50-Pounder

For years, Michele's Granola has offered 2.25-pound and 5-pound bulk bags of its award-winning granola to meet the needs of serious granola aficionados and families for whom our 12-ounce bag disappears too quickly. However, with more of our customers eating meals at home, even our largest size is often insufficient. We also learned from our customers that as they are spending more time at home, they're seeking new and novel ways to be comfortable.

We're delighted to announce we have solved BOTH of these issues with the introduction of our newest product: Michele's Granola Body Pillow 50-Pounder. 

We hand-scoop all varieties of our crispy handmade granola into a patented extra heavy duty clear plastic bag that provides support and comfort, while also protecting those golden granola chunks you've come to expect from Michele's Granola.

We hope you'll enjoy cuddling with our 50-Pounder as much as you enjoy eating the fresh granola!

Note: If you find this product is continually out of stock, it might be because this product was released on April 1st. (Wink, wink!)


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