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The Best of Michele's Holiday Recipes

The holidays are almost here, and our handmade granola makes a delicious addition to so many classic dishes! For all your holiday baking, we're sharing a few of our holiday favorites with Michele's take on each recipe:   Individual Sweet Potato Casseroles With Cranberry Pecan Granola and Marshmallow Topping This is a simple spin on the traditional dish that has long been part of my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Individual soufflé cups are filled with a sweet potato whip, and topped with pecan pieces, marshmallows and my winter seasonal Cranberry Pecan granola. By preparing individual portions, even the last person in line...

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Back for the holidays!

Just in time for the holiday season, we're baking our winter Cranberry Pecan granola! We first began baking this fan favorite many years ago as our Holiday Blend, and we sold it exclusively at local farmers' markets. It was so well loved, in 2014, we began packaging it for retail sales so all of our customers near and far can enjoy it! Why do our granola fans email and phone us all year long requesting this special flavor? Maybe it's the giant pecan halves or the crunchy pistachios baked into the golden brown granola clusters. Or perhaps it's the warm,...

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Attention Cranberry Pecan Fans!

  Releasing limited time seasonal flavors is a hallmark of Michele’s Granola, giving Michele the opportunity to highlight the most delicious flavors of each season in her crunchy granola. This winter, we proudly baked thousands and thousands of pounds of our toasty, cinnamon-y Cranberry Pecan granola, full of plump pecans and juicy tart cranberries.   But alas, winter is coming to an end and so is this seasonal variety. We hope that the sadness of saying goodbye to winter's Cranberry Pecan is tempered by the arrival of sunny, springy Lemon Pistachio! Loaded with clusters of oats, crunchy pistachios and almonds,...

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