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Local Baltimore Farmers Market EXCLUSIVES!

More than 13 years after Michele sold her first bag of handmade granola at a farmers market, the farmers market is still a wonderful place to connect directly with our customers and try new and innovative flavors. In fact, some of our most popular new varieties--including Cranberry Pecan, Lemon Pistachio and Toasted Muesli--made their debut at the farmers market where they were tested and tweaked before they made it into our lineup. This spring, we asked our team to tap into their wildest imaginations to suggest new and innovative granola flavors featuring their favorite ingredients, and they delivered a long list that...

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The First Ever Granola Olympics!

For years, there's been talk among our team about how fun it would be to host a competition where we could flex our muscle and demonstrate the unique skills we've mastered to master to prepare and package our granola. On July 2, 2018, years of planning came to fruition as Michele's Granola hosted the first ever Granola Olympics! At stake were bragging rights and some sweet prizes in categories including Fastest Hand Mixing, Best Pan Patting, Best Hand Scooper and Fastest Bag Sealing, plus there was a trivia round for extra team points. While speed contributed to the score, above all, ...

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Mulberry Madness!

Did you know that even within our cities, plenty of tasty and nutritious food is growing all around us? We are proud to partner with the Baltimore Orchard Project to celebrate a delicious berry that ripens in Baltimore in May: The mulberry! Not only are these little berries full of fiber, vitamin C and other good stuff, they're packed with sweet flavor, they're plentiful, and they're free to enjoy picked fresh from the trees of Baltimore. To celebrate the 3rd Annual Mulberry Madness Festival, we baked a very special granola sweetened with Maryland maple and accented with mulberries foraged and...

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