The Best of Michele's Holiday Recipes

The holidays are almost here, and our handmade granola makes a delicious addition to so many classic dishes! For all your holiday baking, we're sharing a few of our holiday favorites with Michele's take on each recipe:


Individual Sweet Potato Casseroles With Cranberry Pecan Granola and Marshmallow Topping

This is a simple spin on the traditional dish that has long been part of my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Individual soufflé cups are filled with a sweet potato whip, and topped with pecan pieces, marshmallows and my winter seasonal Cranberry Pecan granola. By preparing individual portions, even the last person in line for the Thanksgiving buffet gets their fair share of the sweet, crunchy topping! - Michele


Pumpkin Pie Squares

I like to draw out pumpkin season as long as possible, and these are a great sweet treat that help you do just that. I had one for breakfast this morning, but they’d be great on a Thanksgiving buffet too! These are not super sweet, so if you’d like to add sweetness, try blending ¼ c. maple syrup into the filling, or substitute sweetened almond milk for the canned coconut milk.



Festive Apple Pear Cranberry Crisp

This seasonal crisp makes for a festive holiday brunch side dish or delicious dessert topped with ice cream. I enjoyed mine with a dollop of steve's ice cream Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla.



Salted Caramel Apple Quinoa Parfaits

This dessert parfait hits all the right sweet and salty (and crunchy!) notes, making for the perfect ending to a seasonally-inspired dinner.




Sweet Potato Brownies

As a mom of two toddlers, sneaking vegetables into unexpected dishes has become a habit. So when I saw brownie recipes floating around the internet that incorporated sweet potato, pumpkin and sometimes even avocado, I had to try a batch. These granola-topped cupcakes are inspired by a brownie recipe from PaleOMG, and are perfectly fudgy AND wheat-free.


We hope you'll give one or more of these recipes a try! And if you do, please be sure to share a pic and tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

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