What's so special about our Ginger Hemp granola?

If you've visited the Meet the Team section on our website, you may have noticed quite a few of our team members (all serious granola aficionados!) name Michele's Ginger Hemp granola as their favorite granola. We're not the only ones who love this unique variety: The Specialty Food Association awarded our Ginger Hemp granola the prestigious 2016 sofi award AND it won the NEXTY Award at the Natural Products Expo East! What makes our Ginger Hemp granola so special?

  • Our Ginger Hemp granola is free of nuts other than coconut, making it a great choice for those with sensitivity to nuts
  • It's baked with six tasty, nutrition-packed seeds, including plenty of hemp hearts

    Hemp is not only delicious, lending a buttery flavor to this vegan granola, it's an environmentally sustainable crop
  • Hemp is a complete protein, containing all 20 essential amino


    acids--a rare find in the plant kingdom
  • And like all other Michele's Granola varieties, Ginger Hemp is free of wheat, dairy, soy and GMO ingredients.

To clear up any misconceptions, hemp is safe for everyone to eat! Consuming it will NOT cause a false positive on a drug test. More on the safety of hemp from Manitoba Harvest.

We can't wait to hear your feedback on this very special variety. Tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to share how you're enjoying it!  




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  • Thanks for your note, Susan! Be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter where we send special offers and coupons. So glad you discovered our Toasted Muesli! We hope you’ll give our Ginger Hemp granola a try, too.

    Michele's Granola on
  • are there any coupons for discount? I received one in the mail but can’t find it. I want to reorder the Muesli. It is great!!! I eat it with blueberries, I add chia seeds and more sunflower seeds and either almond milk or kefir. It’s my daily lunch!!! Thank you.

    Susan Shapiro on

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