About those packing peanuts...


We've received a few questions about the packing peanuts cushioning our granola in orders placed on our website and on Amazon. We're a pretty seriously eco-friendly bunch here at Michele's Granola: We recycle or compost 80% of our waste, our electricity is wind power, and we 100% non-GMO ingredients. 

Our earth-friendly practices extend to our shipping materials, so you can rest assured those little squishy doo-dads in our mail orders are not styrofoam! Our packing peanuts are made from cornstarch and dissolve on contact with water, meaning no landfill waste!

We also include a note in every package letting customers know this important little fact, but we know how easily a note can be overlooked when there's fresh granola. You'll find more about our values and our eco-friendsly practices HERE.

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