Customer Spotlight: MOM's Organic Market


Back in 2007, when Michele was growing her newly established wholesale business, she wasn’t seeking just any retail store to carry her granola. She wanted her granola stocked by natural food retailers who cared for the environment, treated employees with respect and gave back to the community—values that mirrored her own. Michele took a leap when she decided to exhibit her new brand of granola at an eco-minded consumer trade show in Washington, DC, called the Green Festival and it was there she first met the leadership of MOM’s Organic Market.

MOM’s, established in Maryland in 1987, had and still has a reputation as a store with high values: They focus on organic products that are kind to the earth in their production, and no artificial additives or preservatives cross their front door! Those values are also evident in the way MOM’s advocates to protect the environment, and how the company treats its employees.

Michele was excited to bake for MOM’s and their customers, first supplying them with freshly baked granola in bags (just look at how casually her first official employee Tony rolled up in his flip-flops deliver bulk granola to MOMs of Alexandra, VA circa 2008—different times!), and later in bulk.

Today, Michele and her team still bake and package granola in bags and bulk for MOM’s, but in 2017, we took our partnership to the next level. We are currently baking two exclusive varieties ONLY available at MOM’s: Almond Butter and Mocha Coconut granola.

Michele’s Granola donates 1% of our sales to support organizations improving our food system, and as part of their commitment to the community, MOMs is matching our contribution on sales of the exclusive line.

We are proud to partner with MOM’s and look forward to baking for them for many more years. If you live in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, DC or Virginia where MOM’s stores are found, drop in, say hello from us, and pick up one of these very special varieties!

Learn more about MOM’s HERE, and more about our charitable giving through the Give One for Good Food® network HERE.

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