I literally gave out a squeal


“I wanted to tell you that Michele’s Granola is the very best out there, and the fact that it’s a Maryland product makes it that much better. I looked for your granola after reading the story in the Baltimore Sun and found it at Wegman’s, which is a little distance from me.

“A few weeks later I was shopping with my husband More info

My favorite is the pumpkin spice

“To think I lived in the Baltimore area for 8 years and I only discovered your granola at Whole Foods in Princeton, NJ! I drive the 15 miles to buy your granola to put on top of yogurt. It is simply outstanding and no other granola will do! My favorite is the pumpkin spice and I love it all year long!”

- Meredith O., Baltimore

How fresh the cherries were

“I just picked up a bag of your chocolate cherry granola from my local Shoprite in Bel Air MD. I’m not usually a big granola fan… until now. I was blown away at how fresh the cherries were. The granola is so fresh. I was really surprised that you are local. I will definitely tell my friends and family what a terrific product you have.”

–Tracey M., Bel Air, MD

Tried it with some yogurt

“I came across this granola in a shop and tried it with some yogurt. Really delicious, incredibly crunchy and of high quality. It is available in a few shops in DC and is definitely worth checking out!”

–Jackie T., Seattle, WA

Great crunch, chunk, and flavor

“I can solidly say this granola is amazing… it has great crunch, chunk, and flavor. I will be dreaming about it for a while.”

–Laura B., Philadelphia, PA

The best I’ve ever had

“Right before I deployed to Iraq last year I picked up 3 bags of your Original Granola and shared it with my friends in my unit.

“Yours is the best I’ve ever had so naturally it was gone rather quickly. More info

Just the right amount of sweet

granola“I love your granola it’s the best granola I’ve ever had. I saw it at the Baltimore Farmers Market and decided to try it as a snack and for my breakfast.

“Every other granola is hard and crunchy, but yours has the perfect texture. It’s just the right amount of sweet, simply it’s perfect. More info

OMG, amazing taste

“I just wanted to let you guys know that your granola is the best I have ever had in my life, hands down! I love granola and have eaten it since I was a kid.

“Recently I was told by my naturopath to give up wheat since it causes some stomach issues for me. More info