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Cranberry Pecan

After many customer requests, we are finally packaging up one of our farmers market favorites. We debuted this wintry mix in our farmers market bulk bins in December 2010, and now it can be delivered fresh to your doorstep in a cheery, winter-themed package!

Cranberry Pecan is a toasty blend of organic oats, pecans, pistachios, cinnamon and dried cranberries. Warm up your holiday breakfast table with a Cranberry Pecan parfait, or try it as a slightly sweet salad topping in place of croutons!
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Organic gluten-free oats, organic brown sugar, expeller-pressed canola oil, organic sunflower seeds, organic unsweetened coconut, dried cranberries (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), pecans, pistachios, cinnamon, pure vanilla extract.

Contains: pecans, pistachios, coconut

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stacy Hintze
This stuff is AMAZING

I am obsessed! I love Michele’s granola and I couldn’t wait for this one. I love the fact that there is zero sodium because it’s so difficult to find good flavorful food without sodium. But this stuff is ridiculously delicious ! It has a wonderful balance of flavors and it is hands down my favorite Michele’s granola right now! Please don’t stop making this one- it is such a keeper !!

Love that you're loving our winter seasonal Cranberry Pecan, Stacy! When we reach the end of the season, be sure to pop some airtight bags in your freezer to extend the freshness another 6 months so you can enjoy a taste of winter well into the summer.

The BEST flavor!

I will be so upset when this seasonal flavor is sold out and unavailable. I have been stocking up with the large bulk bags but we keep finishing them. I've spent an embarrassing amount of money on Cranberry Pecan granola in the past couple of months. It is SO delicious!

So glad you're a fan--you can pop an airtight sealed bag of granola in your freezer to extend the freshness another 6 months beyond the 'Best By' date so you can enjoy this special winter variety well into the summer!

Mary Therese Eller
Cranberry Pecan

Just great!!!

I wish this granola had fingers!

If this granola had fingers, I would have proposed with the world's largest diamond the first day I had it. I've been eating the "Original" for a good long while now...ok, I eat 365 days a year for breakfast with my greek yogurt...don't judge me, I'm a simple man. =) When I first tried the Original, I fell in love. I was scared to try the Cranberry Pecan, the Original is just so good, how could anything else compare (sorry Michele, I'm a simple man, the others are wonderful, but Original sings to my soul!). Well, I tried the Cranberry Pecan, and as you've guessed, I know have a mistress. I'm sorry Orignal, I do still love you! But blame Michele, she forced me to try the Cranberry Pecan and, well, you can't help who you fall in love with. But, Original, you will be happy to know my heart too will soon be broken, as Michele is bound to take Cranberry Pecan away from me, and I'll be left heartbroken. All be warned, if you do not want to ruin your relationship with your current granola, do not try the Cranberry Pecan, Michele has created the devil incarnate...errrrr...well, in granola form. But wow, what a treat for your mouth and belly! De-lish-e-o-so!

Wow, what a review! We look forward to baking many batches of Original and Cranberry Pecan for you, Brett!

Cranberry Pecan Granola

Oh, how do I love Michele's granola. Let me count the ways. I love to sprinkle it on yogurt. I enjoy it in a bowl with milk and fruit. I haven't tried putting it on ice cream . . yet. It is yummy. I found one bag at The Fresh Market in Rockville and snapped it up. Since my find I have scourged Whole Foods, Wegmans, MOM's organic and NO LUCK. Thankfully you can buy it online. My favorite gift to friends around the world is some Michele's granola. Cranberry Pecan is my favorite. The pecans are plentiful and the cranberries are as well.

Thank you for being a customer and for sharing the love by gifting our granola, Mary! We look forward to baking many more batches for you.