A delicious collaboration: Michele's Granola x Big Spoon Roasters

Michele's Granola and Big Spoon Roasters

The first time we discovered a jar of Big Spoon Roasters nut butter at a local organic market, we felt like we’d met a new like-minded friend. From the wholesome list of ingredients on each jar, to the words “Handcrafted Nut Butters” on the lid, it was apparent our brands shared quite a few values.

As it turns out, much like our founder and namesake Michele, Big Spoon founder Mark Overbay at Big Spoon RoastersMark Overbay (pictured here) also began his business in his home kitchen. As the brand has grown, Mark and his team have remained committed to working with organic growers and producers whose processes respect our planet, and much like Michele’s Granola, Big Spoon Roasters actually make their own products in their own facilities—a practice that is becoming quite rare in food manufacturing!

We were delighted to learn that much like our brand, Big Spoon donate 1% of their sales to a charitable causes—in our case, we donate to organizations dedicated to improving access to fresh, nutritious foods, and Big Spoon donates to 1% for the Planet.  

But when we tasted their exceedingly fresh, flavorful nut butter, we knew a collaboration was inevitable.

A few years after that first taste, Big Spoon Roasters approached us with an idea: Would we be interested in baking the granola for their nut butter bars? Our test kitchen team went to work to develop a granola recipe that would blend into their bars beautifully, adding texture and flavor while also letting the flavors of the nut butter and dried fruit shine in each handcrafted bar.

We’re thrilled to announce the fruits of this delicious collaboration are now rolling into Whole Foods Markets across the mid-Atlantic and the southeast, and are available on Big Spoon's website! We hope you’ll love them as much as we do.




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