A Whole Foods Market Exclusive: Baltimore Blend Savory Granola Snack Mix

Michele's Savory Baltimore Blend Granola

When Whole Foods Market asked us to bake them an exclusive limited time variety to celebrate the grand opening of their new store in Baltimore's Harbor East neighborhood, a short drive from our bakery, we knew we wanted to create a blend that celebrated the unique flavors of our hometown.

We're thrilled to introduce Michele's Savory Baltimore Blend Granola!

This isn’t your traditional breakfast granola: Our Baltimore Blend is a salty, lightly spicy savory snack mix featuring Charm City’s favorite flavors: McCormick's famous Old Bay® seasoning and UNION Craft Brewing Duckpin Pale Ale.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy this distinctly spiced, crunchy wholesome snack…

  • Make a snack mix with your favorite pretzels, nuts, etc
  • Crumble it for a breading for chicken, fish or tofu
  • Add it to your green salad as a flavorful, crunchy topping

And of course, it’s delicious right outta the bag—especially as you’re sipping a Union Craft Brew! Try this simple snack mix of one part each of the following:


If you come up with your own delicious way to enjoy this crunchy blend, please tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can share your creation.

This very limited edition is available exclusively at Whole Foods Market at Harbor East while supplies last, and will not be available online or at any other locations.





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