Bon Appetit Names Michele's Granola a Top 10 Brand

One of The 10 Best Granola Brands, According to Bon Appetit Editors, March 2023. Michele's Cinnamon Raisin Granola, vegan, gluten-free, women-owned

Imagine our surprise while doing some casual Sunday scrolling in our news app and finding the editors of Bon Appétit named our Cinnamon Raisin one of "The 10 Best Granola Brands!"

The chunky walnut and raisin-packed granola recipe received a special call out for it's likeness to the classic oatmeal cookie, "reminiscent of the toasty, crisp, and lightly spiced cookie edges I so crave."

When was the last time you enjoyed a bag of this nostalgic Michele's variety, "the perfect marriage of snackable clusters and supreme crunchiness?"

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