Did you notice the changes to our label?

Here at Michele's Granola, we're committed to baking the very best granola and to being transparent about our products and process. If you've picked up a bag of Michele's Granola in the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed a few exciting changes to our back label that speak to that commitment:

We're Non-GMO Project Verified

We're delighted to announce we've completed a rigorous review process with the Non-GMO Project to verify there are no genetically engineered ingredients in our products. The well-recognized butterfly logo of the Non-GMO Project now appears on our back labels alongside other seals that tell you about the good stuff inside our granola and how we make it. Read more about this important verification and why it's important to Michele HERE.

We've Updated our Nutrition Panel

Two years ahead of the FDA-mandated changes to the nutrition panel on packaged food, we've updated our labels to make it easier for you to see just what goes into our granola and muesli cereal. You'll notice the serving size and calories are now in bold, easy-to-read print. Underneath "Sugars" you'll also see we've broken out the "Added Sugars." You can see those changes in this comparison:

We've Added MORE Organic Ingredients

Quality ingredients are a hallmark of our granola, and we're thrilled to add more organic ingredients to our products: Every variety we bake now includes organic sunflower seeds, and we've also upgraded the hemp hearts in our Ginger Hemp granola to organic as well. Our new Almond Butter variety is loaded with organic ingredients, including almond butter and whole almonds. As we continue to grow, we look forward to adding more organic ingredients to our recipes.


We welcome you to share your feedback with us! Leave us a comment, submit a review on a specific product on our website, or email us at info@michelesgranola.com.

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  • I’d like to see your granola certified gluten-free as well. I do buy your granola but am hesitant to eat it regularly WITHOUT a gluten-free certification.

    Gerson Grosfeld on
  • this is the only dry cereal I eat and I love it….

    Aurelia Sherman on

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