GIVEAWAY: Two brands at one address!

We're excited to share a great giveaway featuring two brands who did a lot of growing up at 9 West Aylesbury in Timonium, Maryland: Michele's Granola and Mobtown Fermentation, makers of Wild Kombucha!

When Michele's Granola moved into #9 back in 2010, the company was making granola by hand and distributing it locally. A small team would make and bake the granola in the morning, clean up, and then a second team swooped in to package the freshly baked granola. The limitations of this space combined with the growing demand for Michele's Granola--which had expanded up to New York and out to the southwest--necessitated a move. Michele and the team said goodbye to #9 and moved up the road to an office and bakery space customized to meet their needs and to support further growth, where today a team of 40 makes, bakes, sells and distributes granola to more than 800 stores on both coasts, across the southern US and Hawaii.

Elsewhere in Baltimore in 2015, Mobtown Fermentation was also rapidly growing and on the move. Three friends who began brewing an affordable, approachable, truly delicious kombucha as a side gig were experiencing increasing demand for their products and hampered by limited space. A pitch to a panel led to an award that enabled them to move into a new space--9 West Aylesbury, the former home of Michele's Granola! Less than three years later, Mobtown Fermentation has also wildly grown: They brew their tasty kombucha varieties for more than 700 stores in the mid-Atlantic, and are moving to a new 13,000 square foot  facility to expand their capacity once again.

The space must have great vibes--we can't wait to see who moves in next! In the meantime, we invite you to enter our giveaway, open through midnight Eastern Time, Sunday, February 10: Visit us on Instagram to enter!

Left to right: Quality control is underway on freshly baked granola; where granola was once prepared for the ovens, now kombucha fermentation tanks sit. Granola case boxes with Michele on the logo have been replaced by with Wild Kombucha cases graced by Boyd the Bunny.


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