Guest Post: Building the Perfect Bowl with Dana Guggenheim

Photo by @thebowladdict of a yogurt bowl with Michele's Granola and fruit

Michele's Granola is delighted to host a guest post from Dana Guggenheim, also known on Instagram as @thebowladdictThis brilliant breakfaster inspires with images of oatmeal and yogurt bountifully topped with fruit and plenty of granola, and she's giving away her secret to building the perfect bowl!

If there’s one skill I’d like to think I have mastered, it’s building the perfect breakfast bowl. I strongly believe that a wholesome, fun breakfast sets you up for a productive and energized day. When choosing my breakfast, I like to focus on something that is nourishing, will keep me satiated, and is, of course, delicious!

Dana Guggenheim, aka @thebowladdict on Instagram

One breakfast combination that checks off all of my boxes and always looks wonderful is a yogurt bowl. Starting off with a base of vanilla Greek yogurt adds a protein-packed base with a hint of sweetness. Then, I love to mix in a spoonful of chia seeds and cinnamon to add in some Omega-3s, fiber, and extra flavor. I’m a huge fan of fresh fruit, so I opt for a selection of fresh berries and/or banana. 

Any good yogurt bowl has an element of crunch, and that’s where Michele’s Granola comes in! I’m constantly switching off which flavor I use based on what else is in my bowl, but some classic favorites include the Original Granola and winter Cranberry Pecan Granola.

Next, for some healthy fats, I drizzle on some nut butter. Some bonus toppings include some more cinnamon, cacao nibs, hemp hearts, and honey. I’m always looking for ways to change up my breakfast bowls!

My non-yogurt bowls (oats, smoothie bowls) follow a similar formula of finding the perfect balance of protein, healthy fats, complex carbs, nuts/seeds, fresh fruit, and a crunchy texture. 

For more breakfast inspiration and other creative recipes, check out @thebowladdict on Instagram!




Photo credit for bowl and portrait: Dana Guggenheim

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