Local Baltimore Farmers Market EXCLUSIVES!

More than 13 years after Michele sold her first bag of handmade granola at a farmers market, the farmers market is still a wonderful place to connect directly with our customers and try new and innovative flavors. In fact, some of our most popular new varieties--including Cranberry Pecan, Lemon Pistachio and Toasted Muesli--made their debut at the farmers market where they were tested and tweaked before they made it into our lineup.

This spring, we asked our team to tap into their wildest imaginations to suggest new and innovative granola flavors featuring their favorite ingredients, and they delivered a long list that ranged from subtly sublime to straight up wacky (Pizza Granola, anyone?!).

The team voted for the most delicious-sounding flavors, and our operations manager Sam went to work creating and testing recipes that meet our high standards. Then she and the team are preparing small batches of these special varieties, which are available exclusively at the market (sorry, no online orders are being taken!). Customers at the 32nd Street Farmers Market and the Baltimore Farmers Market have already sampled one of these special blends:

Baker Caroline suggested Blueberry Cinnamon Pecan which sold out quickly. This weekend (May 18-19) and the following, Sweet & Salty Cashew Chocolate Crunch makes its debut courtesy of prep team member Zach's contribution (Zach is pictured here enjoying the granola he inspired). If you live in Baltimore or are visiting the region, please come see us at the 32nd Street and Baltimore Farmers Markets, and let us know if you think we have a new hit on our hands!




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