Meet Michele: Featured in <i>Baltimore</i> Magazine

Meet Michele: Featured in <i>Baltimore</i> Magazine

️From Michele's first day selling a handful of fresh bags of handmade granola at the Takoma Farmer's Market in 2006 to today, she didn’t grow her business by chasing fads, making our granola taste like something other than granola, or by spending zillions on ads.

Michele grew her business by sticking to her values of making real food with the very best ingredients and traditional techniques, being a good steward of the environment, bringing on team members who shared those values, and by listening to you, our customers!

We invite you to learn more about Michele's story in this excellent feature in the March 2023 issue of Baltimore magazine, written by Jane Marion.

Thank you for buying, sharing and gifting our granola. We wouldn’t be here without loyal customers and friends like you!

Image from Baltimore magazine
Photography by Justin Tsucalas
Lettering by Luke Lucas
Hair & Makeup by Dean Krapf

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