Meet Our Oats! Part 2

Sam visits the farm where our organic gluten-free oats are grown

In August, Michele had the wonderful opportunity to visit the farm in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where the certified organic gluten-free oats we bake with, and our then head baker Griff and senior materials manager Sam came along for the experience. Following are Griff's photos and observation of this experience:

Our time in Saskatoon was an extremely eye opening experience.  First-hand interaction with our ingredients, ingredient suppliers, and the farmers that live and breathe their craft enhanced my perspective of the how people with varying interests and expertise are able to gain mutual benefit from each other's success.

Our strength at Michele’s Granola is rooted in theirs (literally), and without them we would not be able to do what we do. To my surprise, nowhere throughout our journey was there any "secret" information being withheld by either party. Discussion about the people, the process, and the product was open and vulnerable. 


We were all very much willing to share ideas as well as challenges that we have come across in our work. This allowed me to envision how we may grow as a company as well as individuals as we move forward into the future.

The passion we have for our product is no doubt matched by those that supply us with our ingredients as well as the farmers that have dedicated their lives to securing the best harvest possible.

My understanding of what influences the quality of our granola has widened in scope, and I will always carry that level of understanding with me as I work to produce batch after batch in our kitchen. I will remember how this trip affected myself and my work for years to come. -Griff Beheler


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