Michele's Granola: Baking for Every Whole Foods Market in the US!

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The Michele's Granola family is thrilled to share that our granola is now available in every Whole Foods Market across the country!

Finally our friends in Oregon, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Idaho, Michigan and Colorado--nearly every state in the country--can pick up a fresh bag of our handmade granola on their local shelves.

We know what you're thinking: Does this mean Michele's Granola will have to change their recipe or their handmade, small batch process?

Absolutely not!

We wouldn't dream of changing the very things that make our granola and our company so special. Michele and the team are committed to making every small batch of granola by hand with natural and organic ingredients, and lots and love and care. We're excited to expand our team to make this increase in volume possible.

We're thankful to our friends at Whole Foods Market who've supported our growth from our earliest years, and we're especially thankful to you for buying, sharing and gifting our granola for more than a decade.

We hope you'll stop in to your local Whole Foods Market for a bag and share the word with friends and family across the country. Click HERE for the full list of stores that carry our products.


PS If our granola isn't yet on the shelves of your favorite grocery store, we invite you to print out this Product Request Form and take it to the grocery buyer.

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Hi Angela! We’re so glad you found us—we hope you’ll enjoy trying all the varieties of our granola Whole Foods carries!

Michele's Granola

I received a bag of Cranberry Pecan as a gift and while munching it, I was wondering if your products could be bought in Ky. So I went to your website and lo and behold, you’re being sold at Whole Foods which we just happen to have. I’m so excited!! I love the granola! It’s easier to eat than a lot of other granolas. Looking forward to going to WF to see what other varieties of Michele’s Granola are carried.


Hi Lisa, We are so very excited to bake for Chicago!

Michele's Granola

Hi Lucia, Wow, you’ve been a fan for a LONG time—thank you for supporting our brand these many years!

Michele's Granola

Thank you for your wonderful feedback, Linda!

Michele's Granola

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