New: Michele's Granola Chunky Oat + Nut Lip Balm

Michele's Granola took everything you love about our granola--the wholesome oats, nuts and seeds, and those big CHUNKS--and created a luscious, delightfully chunky, vegan, all-natural lip balm you can feel good about applying every day as part of your self-care!

Michele's Granola Chunky Oat + Nut Lip Balm in Original, Cinnamon Raisin and Cherry Chocolate

The FDA has approved oats as a topical treatment for dry, itchy or irritated skin, making this primary ingredient in our granola a soothing addition to your lip care!

Though most research in this area is on colloidal oats, which are essentially ground oats, we know our customers LOVE our granola chunks, so we included plenty of chunky goodness in these lip balms!

In addition to organic gluten-free rolled oats, ere are also tremendous benefits to sunflower seeds, flax, almonds and tart cherries, so just like in our granola, we've include plenty of these whole mix-ins for you as well.

Have your choice of classic Original, Cinnamon Raisin or Cherry Chocolate, all packed with oats and tasty mix-ins.

Click here to order!

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  • HaHa!, 04/01‼️

    Jean on
  • April fool! 😛

    Lou on
  • Haha. You got me there for a second. Love it!!

    BrendaB on
  • The bigger question is will it work on these crow’s feet, err, laugh lines stuck on my face now from laughing so hard at the lip balm application pic?
    Thanks a bunch for a great laugh :)

    julia on
  • April fools!!!

    Dennis on

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