Now Baking for Whole Foods Market in 28 States!

This isn't just any bag of our chunky Original granola innocuously riding the conveyor belt on its way to just any cash register.

This is one of the very first bags of Michele's Granola to be purchased Whole Foods Market in Berkeley, California!

That's right: Our Original and Cherry Chocolate granola are now in Whole Foods Markets in California, Nevada and Arizona, and from Maine to Florida! Meanwhile, our classic lineup is available the southwest states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, and our full line is available in the mid-Atlantic region.

Even though the demand for our granola continues to grow, Michele is committed to making granola the way she always has: By hand with premium natural and organic ingredients, and with lots and love and care. We've just added more hands to our bakery!

Thank you for supporting our brand by buying, sharing and gifting our granola, and making this growth possible. We hope you'll stop in to your local Whole Foods Market for a bag and share the word with friends and family in those regions. Click HERE for the full list of stores that carry our products.

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