Say Farewell to a Seed-Filled Classic

Michele's Ginger Hemp Granola

After some soul-searching and number crunching (literally!), we've made the tough decision to bid adieu to our Ginger Hemp Granola.

Why we made this decision

Before you start drafting an email asking us to continue baking it, please know this was a tough but final decision.

While customer demand has been skyrocketing for every variety we bake, Ginger Hemp has been lagging, even being discontinued by several of our larger retail partners in favor of some of our newer varieties, like Salted Maple Pecan and Cocoa Chocolate Chip Granola.

We know there are devoted fans of Ginger Hemp, including many on our team (and the person writing this very post!)--there just aren't enough of you (us).

The silver lining

Here's the good news: As we bid farewell to Ginger Hemp, we’ll be able to keep other varieties and sizes in stock more consistently, and this makes room for new flavors down the road.

To all the Ginger Hemp fans out there--we hear you and see you! Thank you for being customers, and we hope you'll find another Michele's Granola variety you love just as much.

Hip kitchen tip

One last note from our kitchen to yours: You can extend the freshness of Michele’s Granola up to another six months by freezing the granola in an air-tight bag or container, so stock up, friends!

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