The Not-So Secret Ingredient in our Limited Edition

Michele's Limited Edition Salted Chocolate Tahini Granola - vegan, gluten-free, made with Soom Tahini

Shhh...We're Sharing our Secret Ingredient!

Our latest Limited Edition Granola features an ingredient we love here at the bakery: Tahini!

It sounds exotic, but tahini is simply a paste made from ground sesame seeds with a rich creaminess, and a nutty flavor very much like almond or peanut butter.

You may have tasted it in a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern dish, but the toasty sesame flavor of a tahini chocolate chip cookie with a sprinkle of sea salt is the muse for our granola recipe.

Our Partnership with Soom Foods

We didn't want to bake with just any tahini, though. We're longtime fans of the silky texture and sesame-forward flavor of Soom Premium Tahini, and when we met the exceptional women behind the brand, we couldn’t wait to make something delicious together! 

The deep sesame flavor in Soom truly is the magic ingredient that brings this special granola to life. This sister-owned company out of Philadelphia sources their sesame seeds from Ethiopia and roasted them before they are pressed to bring out extra nutty flavor.

We hope you savor every sesame-filled sweet and salty bite of our Limited Edition Salted Chocolate Tahini atop your oats, on a fancy breakfast board, or right out of the bag!

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Any chance Salted Chocolate Tahini Granola is coming back? I’m down to my last 2 bags :(

John Bagot

Lisa, we sold the last bag in March of this year, so you’re about 8 months too late! Thank you for being a fan of this Limited Edition, and we hope you’ll find another Michele’s variety you’ll love just as much.

Michele's Granola

I came to your site looking for the Tahini Granola that I had previously purchased from Soom! Sooo sad to see it is no longer available. I had purchased a case pack and am now sorry i gave some away, I should have hoarded it!! :) Please bring it back. Nothing like it in the market.

Lisa K Ivey

Thanks for the wonderful comment, Drucie. Be on the lookout for a survey from us asking for your feedback on this Limited Edition!

Michele's Granola

Please, please please bring Salted Chocolate Tahini back!! It’s the absolute perfect granola that’s not too sweet, it’s just perfect in every way!!

Drucie Isenberg

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