Swap Day!

Here at Michele's Granola, we're always striving to make the very best granola for you. As part of that effort, we held a Swap Day this past week, where our employees worked on different teams to get a bigger-picture view of how our company functions.

In the morning, members of the packaging and office team were paired up with a buddy from the granola prep team, and under expert tutelage, they learned the craft of hand-mixing and preparing pans for baking.

Bakers partnered up with other team members to show them the ins and outs of our ovens, and how to check and check (and check!) the quality of the granola to make sure the texture and taste is perfectly on point.

Then in the afternoon, members of the prep and office team paired up with pros on the packaging team to lean how fresh granola is carefully scooped into bags with lots of care to preserve those chunks, then sealed and readied for delivery.

Not only was it a fun day with lots of shared laughs, lots of learning too place! We all have a greater respect for our teammates and a better understanding about the many steps that go into making a truly special small-batch product!


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