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Meet Michele: Featured in <i>Baltimore</i> Magazine

Meet Michele: Featured in Baltimore Magazine

️From Michele's first day selling a handful of fresh bags of handmade granola at the Takoma Farmer's Market in 2006 to today, she didn’t grow her business by chasing fads, making our granola taste like something other than granola, or by spending zillions on ads. Michele grew her business by sticking to her values of making real food with the very best ingredients and traditional techniques, being a good steward of the environment, bringing on team members who shared those values, and by listening to you, our customers! We invite you to learn more about Michele's story in this excellent feature in the...

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One of The 10 Best Granola Brands, According to Bon Appetit Editors, March 2023. Michele's Cinnamon Raisin Granola, vegan, gluten-free, women-owned

Bon Appetit Names Michele's Granola a Top 10 Brand

Imagine our surprise while doing some casual Sunday scrolling in our news app and finding the editors of Bon Appétit named our Cinnamon Raisin on the one of "The 10 Best Granola Brands!"

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Photo Credit: Strength to Love. Working on the Strength to Love urban farm; Sandtown-Winchester, Baltimore

2022 Give One Grantee Profile: Strength to Love II

Introducing Strength to Love II Strength to Love II is a community-based non-profit program addressing food apartheid issues in west Baltimore’s Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood. The program operates a 1.5 acre urban farm that distributes organic produce grown within its 14 greenhouses, while providing agricultural training and workforce development for youth and citizens returning to the community from incarceration. Strength to Love II is part of an umbrella organization, Intersection of Change, which was founded in 1996 to address poverty-related challenges in Sandtown-Winchester and surrounding communities. The Challenges of Sandtown-Winchester Though once a thriving Black neighborhood of west Baltimore, Sandtown-Winchester has been...

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Photo courtesy TasteWise Kids - children proudly show off salad-making kits for healthy eating at home

2022 Give One Grantee Profile: TasteWise Kids

Tastewise Kids (TWK) is a Baltimore City based non-profit that teaches food literacy to kids through hands-on learning. Their mission is to inspire kids to explore and experience the world of food and its sources, with a goal of encouraging healthier eating habits and reducing obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses linked to poor nutrition.

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