Update on Bulk Granola

Michele's Granola Cocoa Chocolate Chip in bulk, available to shop online now

Would you believe that in 2023, we sold nearly 50 tons (you read that right: 50 TONS or 100,000 pounds) of granola in 2.25- and 5-pound Bulk Bags? Is it the savings? The sustainability? Or the sense of satisfaction in staying well-stocked?

Sold exclusively on our website and Amazon, our granola and muesli Bulk Bag continues to gain popularity among our customers for all these reasons and more.

A change to bulk

To ensure we can keep bulk options in stock for you more consistently, we're streamlining our shop: We will offer the 2.25-pound Bulk Bag for all Michele's varieties of granola and muesli, and we are limiting the 5-pound bag exclusively to our best-selling Original and Almond Butter Granola.

If you're a member of The Crunch Club and you subscribe to one of the above varieties in the 5-pound size, no worries! As we sell out of the larger Bulk Bag, we will automatically update your subscription to two 2.25-pound bags of that flavor.*

Thank you for being a customer, and we look forward to baking for you again soon!


* Subscribers can also contact their dedicated support inbox for assistance managing the contents or frequency of their recurring order: thecrunchclub@michelesgranola.com. The Crunch Club subscriber rate for the 5-pound bag is $35.69 (vs $41.99 for one-time purchases), and 2.25-pound bags are 16.99 ($19.99 for one-time purchases), so subscribers continue to save BIG on bulk!

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