What Fuels the World's Toughest Row?

Women-powered Hericane Rowing on a practice row in advance of the World's Toughest Rows

How does a team of four women prepare for an unsupported 2,800-mile row across the wildly unpredictable Pacific Ocean, from Monterey, California to Hawaii’s Hanalei Bay? Well, for starters, it takes two years of preparation, including…

  • Navigation training
  • Survival at sea and medical courses
  • An ultra coach
  • Radio operators’ licenses
  • Securing a vessel
  • Training on every inch of the boat
  • Physical training for endurance
  • Fundraising
  • Impeccable teamwork

…and a whole lot of snacks!

Meet Hericane Rowing

Michele’s Granola is proud to support Hericane Rowing, comprised of Kristen, Jen, Sierra and Kelsey, who are attempting the “World’s Toughest Row!” We’re honored to donate over 50 pounds of granola to help fuel this unbelievable woman-powered endurance adventure. Rowing alongside 8 other teams this summer, Hericane Rowing is also chasing the current women’s world record for such a journey: 34 days.

A "Typical" Day

Kelsey shared with us what a typical day on the ocean looks like on this weeks-long expedition. They’ll run shift patterns of two hours on, two hours off, only sleeping a couple hours at a clip. When they’re not rowing or sleeping there are daily tasks to take care of, including making clean water and cleaning their solar panels to get the most out of them. Then, of course, there’s eating! You can imagine how much fuel these athletes need to keep up this pace. Kelsey says they’ll eat plenty of snacks and easy-to-prepare and eat foods—like Michele’s Granola and milk—versus preparing ready-to-eat dehydrated meals.

The row is unsupported, and though they’re aiming for the 34-day record, the team is fully prepared for 55 days on the water. Kelsey shared, “The only controllable factor is your preparation level.” And Hericane Rowing is as prepared as you can be!

Follow Along!

Join us in rooting for these powerful women, and follow their wild voyage on their Instagram feed and via the World’s Toughest Row tracker.

Pictured: Hericane Rowing team member Kristen with 55 days of food portioned, packed and ready to load onto the boat.


Image credits: Hericane Rowing

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