You really surprised us: A love story

Michele's Chocolate Lovers' Granola on a chocolate grazing board
A little behind-the-scenes story for you: You've been asking for a chocolate granola, so we set about creating an indulgent, chocolatey recipe with the light + crispy texture and premium quality ingredients you expect from Michele's Granola—and without an overload of sugar. We decided to offer it as a Limited Edition, ordering a low volume of labels and baking a handful of small batches, anticipating we baked enough to sell exclusively on our website through February. Then we launched Limited Edition Chocolate Lovers' Granola, and in a matter of a few days you bought every last bag!

There was much scrambling as we decided to order another round of labels, re-up on the organic fair-trade cocoa and bake more for you. For those of you who've already tried it: Thank you! You have an opportunity to re-order some for yourself, and even some for gifting. For those of you who haven't tried it yet, we baked more for you, but it won't last long. Find it exclusively here on our website--and enjoy!
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Wow, Chris, love the way you think. Thank you for trying our Limited Edition!

Michele's Granola

So glad you enjoyed this special recipe, Renee!

Michele's Granola

This was delicious! I bought three bags and am going to buy more. Toss in some sliced strawberries or raspberries and you will forget what day of the week it is because it is just that good.


I really liked the “chocolate lovers” granola but I would like to see more almonds as there were only just a few in my bag. Also it needed a more pronounced chocolate taste, so adding more chocolate chips would be good. You could also try chopped up chocolate covered hazelnuts. We did enjoy the bag and it didn’t last very long!

Mimi Chep

Yes we bought that chocolate because it reminds us of the Mocha coconut Chocolate flavor. I’m hoping we will see that next? Thanks

Odell Blocker

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