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A busy day at the bakery at Michele's Granola, where we only bake with natural and organic ingredients

You've been asking, and we're here to answer: Would Michele’s Granola ever release a granola with extra protein?

While there are other granolas on the shelf that include soy, pea and whey protein powder to amp up the protein content, we are committed to baking with whole food ingredients that offer protein naturally.

We prioritize this commitment for a few reasons:

The Whole Package

Shelled or hulled oats, nuts and seeds are naturally bundled with plenty of nutrients beyond protein, including essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fiber, contributing to overall nutrition and satiety. Protein powders often lack the whole package, providing just one nutrient--often with other fillers we'd never choose to bake with.


Our granola’s texture is unlike any other, full of oaty golden chunks studded with seeds and nuts for a satisfying light and crispy bite. Protein powder would likely add a grainy texture, compromising the product's sensory experience.


The crisp, clean flavor in our recipes comes from real, whole food. Adding a protein powder would alter that important attribute, and we’re not willing to make that sacrifice.


Baking with nuts, seeds and grains from farms and suppliers we trust aligns with our focus on sustainable ingredient sourcing. Protein additives are typically created through industrial processes with greater environmental impact and less sourcing transparency.

Protein powders certainly have a place in many of our diets, offering convenient and often cost-effective nutrition. But in our kitchen, wholesome natural ingredients create the very best granola, muesli and granola butter.

Oat sprig

This information in this blog post is intended for for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as nutrition or medical advice. Before beginning any diet program, modifying your diet, or making changes to the diet of a child in your care, you should seek advice from a licensed professional, such as a doctor or registered dietitian.

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Marsha, thank you for your feedback. Thank you for being a customer, and an extra big thank you for sharing the word about our little bakery!

Michele's Granola

This granola is so very healty for you, low in calories and sugar and high in nutritive value and taste. I eat it with yogurt, fruit and a touch of agave if my fruit needs a sweet boost. What a great alternative for our unhealty American diet. I tell everyone I know about this wonderful product. Keep the quality high and let us consumers know how we can help. Thank you Michele

Marsha Borders

Thanks, Monica—we’re so happy to read that our granola is a part of your healthy lifestyle!

Michele's Granola

Your granola is already pretty high protein without having to add protein powder. That’s one of the reasons I started to buy yours. I’m have DM2, and I eat a high fat high protein diet to conserve my insulin. I make a parfait using fruit, whole milk Greek yoghurt, nuts (usually almonds), a few chocolate chips or chocolate nibs and a tiny drizzle of honey. It’s enough to keep me going all day. I’ve lost 25 lbs and cut my use of fast acting insulin to nearly zero. Please don’t change an already perfect product.

Monica D

Joy, we’re delighted to read your comment and happy to call you a customer! Looking forward to baking your next batch.

Michele's Granola

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