Breakfast Banana Split

Recipe for breakfast banana split, featuring fresh fruit, Michele's Cocoa Chocolate Chip Granola, and granola butter

Who says banana splits are only for dessert? We upgraded this classic confection with creamy yogurt, crispy Cocoa Chocolate Chip Granola, and fresh fruit so you can indulge any time of day! Swap in different Michele's Granola flavors and use fresh seasonal fruit to keep this treat in your breakfast or snack rotation year-round.

Makes 1 serving


1 ripe banana

½ cup plain dairy or non-dairy yogurt of your choice (we love cocojune!)

¼ cup Michele's Cocoa Chocolate Chip Granola

1 tbsp Michele's Oat & Nut Butter (Original or Maple Pecan)

1 cup mixed fresh seasonal fruit

1-2 tbsp raw seeds or nuts


    Start by slicing the banana lengthwise and placing it on a plate. Then add your yogurt and toppings, finishing with a drizzle of Michele's Oat & Nut Butter. Enjoy right away!

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    It looks delicious going to make it thank you

    Anna Whiting

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