One Tip for Extraordinary Baked Goods

Recipe idea: Quick bread loaf with Michele's Granola topping

Ready for one simple tip to turn baked goods into baked GREATS? Add our chunky granola!

Stir it in before baking it up!

Stir a generous helping of granola into your quick bread, cookie and brownie batter (use a quality boxed mix--we won't tell!) for added crunch and oaty bites of toasty, nutty flavor. For bonus granola flavor, swirl in a swizzle of our Oat & Nut Butter! Are you baking an oil free treat? Try adding our Toasted Muesli, packed with wholesome oats, nuts and raisins that just happens to be free of added oil and refined sugar.

And don't forget to layer granola or muesli on to the tops of muffins and quick breads before baking for an irresistible crunchy golden topping!

One more kitchen tip

To keep the granola from burning while baking loaves or cakes that require a bit of time in the oven, loosely cover the granola topping with parchment paper or foil, then remove it in the last few minutes of baking if you choose for a bit of caramelization.

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