Mechanization Comes to Michele's Granola!

Michele's Granola is delighted to announce through a partnership with BTH (Better Than Human) Inc, we are piloting new technology that will dramatically change our bakery. We're mechanizing!

BTH has implemented a crew of robots in our kitchen with a specialized set of skills:

  • Hands made to replicate human touch, making it possible for them to pat pans of granola to perfect consistency
  • Excellent balance for stacking pans on oven racks and rolling the racks into our ovens
  • Temperature gauges plus color and texture sensors so robots can manage quality control on freshly baked pans, looking for even, golden-brown baking with the perfect light and crisp texture
  • Scoop enabled "hands" to carefully fill bags with lots of granola chunks

If this pilot program works, we will be able to completely mechanize our process, making it possible for us to produce giant batches of granola at the same quality level as our current small batch process.


OK, you got us: Happy April Fool's Day! Our customers know all too well there's no way robots could ever do what our talented team does, including putting plenty of heart into our handmade, small batch process. You can count on us to continue baking our granola by hand, from scratch, with lots of love and care in every batch!

We invite you to meet our wonderful team HERE.




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Wow…. I was getting really red faced from jobs being taken. And not a really had made product . glad it is only an April Fool.🤣

Carol Cain

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