Separation is a Good Thing!

Michele's Granola Butter - vegan, gluten-free granola butter

Have you tried Michele's Granola Butter? We took everything you love about our granola--the toasty oats, coconut, nuts and a touch of sweetness--and blended it into a spread for you to enjoy in a whole new way. What we didn't add is unhealthful hydrogenated oils or additives to keep the ingredients incorporated.

That means when you open a fresh jar of our granola butter, it's likely you'll see a layer of oil on the top with the solids below. Separation is not a sign something is wrong; it's a sign something is right!

Take two minutes on that first opening and give your jar a good stir to reincorporate the ingredients. The ingredients will stay well-incorporated for the next time you open your jar.

Here's the real challenge: How will you enjoy that nutty spread, flecked with oats, coconut and nuts you can see and taste?

It makes a great dip for fruit, a tasty topping on oats or yogurt, and it's a surprisingly versatile ingredient in recipes sweet (like this and this) and savory (like this)!

PS No judgement if your favorite way to enjoy it is on a spoon right outta the jar.


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