The First Ever Granola Olympics!

For years, there's been talk among our team about how fun it would be to host a competition where we could flex our muscle and demonstrate the unique skills we've mastered to master to prepare and package our granola.

On July 2, 2018, years of planning came to fruition as Michele's Granola hosted the first ever Granola Olympics!

At stake were bragging rights and some sweet prizes in categories including Fastest Hand Mixing, Best Pan Patting, Best Hand Scooper and Fastest Bag Sealing, plus there was a trivia round for extra team points. While speed contributed to the score, above all,  accuracy and preservation of the chunks ruled the day in these games.

The team loved the opportunity to prove their mettle in the kitchen--and the opportunity to take home a medal made from real Michele's granola cast in resin, too. Team building is a delicious affair in our bakery, and we can't wait for the next edition of The Games!

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