Where's my favorite Michele's Granola?

Fresh-baked granola cooling at Michele's Granola

We want to answer the #1 question we’ve been hearing: Where is my favorite Michele’s Granola?!

The good news first

The good news (fantastic news!) is that oat aficionados across the country are discovering our handmade granola, muesli and granola butter, and a slew of retailers are bringing our goods to their shelves. We anticipated an increase in sales for the end of 2023, and planned accordingly.

What we didn’t anticipate was an absolutely unprecedented spike in demand from retailers and customers. Unprecedented!

Why can’t we just make more?

When demand increases, we can’t just speed up the machines and rev up the conveyor belts: Real people make every batch of Michele's Granola from scratch daily in our kitchen.

We are happy to report we have a long-term solution, and we're baking and restocking many of the favorites you expect on our website! But in the short-term we had to answer a difficult question: How can our small business get the most granola to the most people? That means prioritizing baking our most popular flavors and sizes, and distributing those fresh goods in channels where our granola would be available to the most people.

Our long-term solution

Here’s what we’re doing to increase our capacity:

  1. We increased our oven capacity by 50%!
  2. We moved to a printed bag! With our label printed directly on our bag, we spend less time affixing labels and more time filling those bags. More on that here.
  3. We’re hiring! We’re offering good-paying jobs with benefits, from bakery production to packaging. Find the full list of opportunities here.

It’s not an overnight solution, but we’re already seeing tremendous results.

Thank you for your grace

Thank you to those of you who reached out with concerns, and responded to us with grace and kindness. Not only do real people make our granola, but real people also receive and respond to every phone call, email, review and social media comment.

We are grateful that for so many of you, Michele’s Granola isn’t just a cereal. It’s a special part of your and your family’s daily routine. Thank you for your patience--we will reward it with the very best granola, muesli and granola butter, made with premium ingredients and lots of love and care!


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I have a subscription for the Ginger Hemp – it’s so yummy! And I’ve been getting emails the last few months about a delay in delivery because it’s out of stock. I just saw a comment here though that it’s back in stock yet I just got an email yesterday saying it’s still out of stock. Thoughts?


Wonderfully fantastic news and I am so happy to have my favorite — Almond Butter granola — arrive at my doorstep yesterday. I’ve so missed it! Thank you for making wholesome and tasty granolas, muesli, and oat butters!

Mary Beth Strickler

Best granola made by the best people is so worth the wait. ❤️

Claudia Borsella

Rosemary, happy to report that while we do not have a storefront, our Ginger Hemp Granola is back in stock here on our website, and we’re happy to ship it right to your door!

Michele's Granola

Osh, we feel your pain! We appreciate your loyalty and your patience. Looking forward to baking your next batch of Almond Butter Granola (and the next and the next!).

Michele's Granola

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