Cranberry Pecan is here!

We love the holiday season—especially those wonderful flavors that conjure up warm holiday memories from winters past! We’ve blended some of those flavors into our current seasonal granola, Cranberry Pecan. Toasty cinnamon warms up this golden-brown blend, featuring giant chewy pecan halves, crunchy green pistachios, and sweet & tart dried cranberries. Of course it's delicious right out of the bag or bowl, but it also makes a tasty topping on avocado toast, or an outstanding alternative to croutons on a salad.Look for this very special limited time variety in the festive bag rolling into stores throughout the mid-Atlantic region. If you...

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What a Year for our Apple Quinoa Granola!

The seasonal flavors of the farmers’ market serve as a wonderful inspiration for Michele to create the unique flavors of her granola. Releasing limited-time market-inspired flavors is a hallmark of Michele’s Granola, and we’re excited to begin baking our toasty winter seasonal granola soon! But before we say hello to winter’s Cranberry Pecan, there’s still time to pick up a bag of our fall seasonal granola: Apple Quinoa! After offering this flavor exclusively at local farmers’ market, we began packaging and distributing it last fall. This super chunky variety has quickly become a granola-fan favorite, and we know why! We sweeten...

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