What a Year for our Apple Quinoa Granola!

Michele's Apple Quinoa Granola place setting

The seasonal flavors of the farmers’ market serve as a wonderful inspiration for Michele to create the unique flavors of her granola. Releasing limited-time market-inspired flavors is a hallmark of Michele’s Granola, and we’re excited to begin baking our toasty winter seasonal granola soon! But before we say hello to winter’s Cranberry Pecan, there’s still time to pick up a bag of our fall seasonal granola: Apple Quinoa!

After offering this flavor exclusively at local farmers’ market, we began packaging and distributing it last fall. This super chunky variety has quickly become a granola-fan favorite, and we know why! We sweeten it with local organic apple juice and sauce from Latimore Valley Farms, mix in crunchy quinoa, and bake it to a toasty golden brown.

We were thrilled when it won 2014 Best New Grocery Product at an industry trade show, Natural Products Expo East. Then this fall, we were elated when Cooking Light magazine featured our Apple Quinoa as a Taste Test winner for packaged snacks less than 200 calories.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this very special taste of autumn! If you can’t imagine waiting until August of 2016 for your next bag of Apple Quinoa, here’s a tip from the bakery: A tightly sealed bag of granola can be stored in the freezer to extend its freshness another six months.

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