BIG news--literally!

We hear you! Our standard 12-ounce brown bag of granola gets gobbled up awfully quickly, but our 5-pound bulk bag is serious commitment, especially for smaller households.

We are delighted to announce Michele's Granola aficionados can now enjoy our new 2.25-pound mid-sized bulk bag which holds the equivalent of three 12-ounce bags of our crispy granola at a chunky 20% savings!

Every variety of our handmade granola is available in this special size, and we've even packaged our Toasted Muesli in a 3-pound bulk bag for those of you who can't get enough of this variety.

Currently this special new size is exclusive to our website. Look for it in the drop-down menu within the listing of your favorite flavor.

Thank you for sharing feedback via our website, by emailing us at, and on social media--your feedback truly helps us create a better crunching experience!

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