Mulberry Madness!

Did you know that even within our cities, plenty of tasty and nutritious food is growing all around us? We are proud to partner with the Baltimore Orchard Project to celebrate a delicious berry that ripens in Baltimore in May: The mulberry! Not only are these little berries full of fiber, vitamin C and other good stuff, they're packed with sweet flavor, they're plentiful, and they're free to enjoy picked fresh from the trees of Baltimore.

TBOP volunteers pick mulberries at the University of Baltimoreo celebrate the 3rd Annual Mulberry Madness Festival, we baked a very special granola sweetened with Maryland maple and accented with mulberries foraged and dried by Baltimore Orchard Project volunteers. All proceeds from the sales of this special blend will be donated though our charitable giving program Give One for Good Food® to BOP to support their important work in our community.

Look for this special variety this weekend, June 24, at 32nd Street Market, and if we have any granola remaining, we'll bring it to the Baltimore Farmers' Market on Sunday.

More about Baltimore Orchard Project, who are changing the way Baltimoreans think about local food, and the festival can be found here.

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