NEW: The 5-Gallon Granola Butter Bucket

Michele's Original Oat & Nut Butter 5-gallon bucket with blender and oar

We love hearing from our customers on social media, by email and even by phone, and we're receiving one message constantly this year: You want our granola butters in larger sizes.

New from Michele's Kitchen

We hear you, and we're responding: From Michele's kitchen, we're proud to announce our NEW 5-Gallon Oat & Nut Butter Bucket--like nut butter but better with the goodness of granola in BULK! 5 gallons is equivalent to 64 of our 10-ounce jars, meaning it should last at least a two, maybe even three weeks in a household of four. 

Additional Accessories

Bakery Prep Associate Jay demonstration granola butter stirring technique

But that's not all: We know the challenges of stirring an all-natural Oat & Nut Butter with no hydrogenated oils, gums or emulsifiers.

Now along with the 5-Gallon Oat & Nut Butter Bucket, we're offering a branded wooden oar OR industrial grade immersion blender for easy stirring! We invite you to watch our Bakery Prep Associate Jay demonstrating excellent technique for efficiently stirring together those flecks of toasted oats, nuts and coconuts with naturally separated almond and coconut oils. 

Serving Suggestions

When you've got 5 gallons of sweet & salty Oat & Nut Butter, the opportunities for enjoyment are endless: Use it any and every way you'd use nut butter! Dollop it on your oatmeal for breakfast, snack on dipped apple slices, spread it on your sandwiches at lunch, and include it in dips and sauces at dinner. You can also use it in your baking and candy-making.


If you read this far, you are a true Oat & Nut Butter fan--and we're sorry to report this is an April Fools' joke! While we don't have a 5-gallon bucket for you, we do have plenty of 10-ounce jars.

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