Same Spreadable Granola, New Name!

Michele's Original Granola Butter - perfect addition to your snack board

We're excited to share we've given our beloved Oat & Nut Butter a fresh new name: (Re)introducing Michele’s Granola Butter!

Why the change?

This wholesome sweet & salty recipe is so much more than just oats and nuts—it's like a spoonful of your favorite granola and nut butter blended into a spread! Our team truly packs every jar with all the natural and organic ingredients you love in our granola: Toasty oats, plenty of nuts, coconut, plus a touch of pure maple (adding only 1-2 grams of added sugar per serving!) and sea salt.

Plus, the new name just rolls off the tongue, don't you think? 😉


The best part

We’re happy to report the name and a few improvements to the label are the only things we’ve changed. Whether you spread the Original or Maple Pecan Granola Butter on toast, swirl it into a smoothie, or dive in with a spoon (no judgment!), we hope you love Michele’s Granola Butter just as much as we do.


A couple tips from our kitchen

1. On opening a fresh jar, take a minute to give your Granola Butter careful stir to reincorporate the ingredients. Learn why separation is a good thing!

2. Looking for additional ways to enjoy our Granola Butter? It's a surprisingly versatile ingredient in recipes both sweet (like this and this) and savory (like this)! Let us know if you give one of these a try.

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