We've got a brand new bag!

We're proud to announce that we've switched to a more compact, more eco-friendly bag! Though this bag is a little shorter, you're still getting the same value: Our new bag holds the exact same amount of granola (12 ounces) and muesli (16 ounces) as our old bag.

So why the switch? Two reasons:

1. We're on a mission to save those chunks we know you love!

Our new shorter package fits better on your grocers' shelf without any bending or folding. Plus the more compact bag protects the chunks--no granola rattling around in the empty space of the bag!

2. We're on a mission to take care of our planet!

Our new bags will save more than 10 trees per year. Additionally, we can pack these bags into smaller case boxes, saving another 25 trees every year!

Look for our new bags rolling into stores and online orders now.

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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I do love the chunks – so funny – I always fish those out the first few days of each new bag. And appreciate your stewardship of our planet. Thanks!

    Karyn on

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