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Michele's Granola New Label

We know you highly value what’s inside each bag of Michele’s Granola and Muesli: The toasty organic, gluten-free oats; plenty of all natural and organic nuts, seeds and fruit--plus lots of love and care. But you may have never tasted what’s inside if the outside of the bag didn’t speak to you.

We’ve given our label a little refresh to bring attention to some of our best attributes:

  • We’re calling attention to our charitable giving program Give One for Good Food® with a banner right on the front of our bag. Learn more about our efforts to expand access to healthy food and nutrition education here!
  • We’ve updated our front label messaging to let you know our products are whole grain and 100% plant-based! No animal products--no butter, milk, eggs or honey--in any of our recipes
  • For those of you with specific dietary needs, we’re still highlighting our products are free from gluten, soy and dairy
  • We added a special guarantee to you: Every Batch, From Scratch. Every delicious morsel of Michele’s Granola begins with premium scratch ingredients we transform into remarkably special granola and muesli cereal with Michele’s much-tested, well-loved recipes.

What hasn’t changed? The window on the front of every bag gives you a clear view to the baked-to-golden-brown-perfection inside: We're committed to baking with the same wholesome natural and organic non-GMO ingredients, well-loved recipes and consistent quality you expect from Michele’s Granola.

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  • Thanks for the feedback, Maryla! The dried apricots we used to include in our Toasted Muesli were hardening too quickly, and we decided to cut them from our recipe. I hope you’ll still enjoy our Muesli, and perhaps the apples in our new Apple Cinnamon Toasted Muesli will hit the spot for you!

    Michele's Granola on
  • Your muesli has been a standard in my house since you were only in the Whole Foods in Annapolis. But I must plead again: PLEASE GO BACK TO USING DRIED APRICOTS instead of raisins!!!!!

    Maryla Meagher on
  • Thanks for the feedback and for being a customer, Linda!

    Michele's Granola on
  • Thank you for the feedback, Debbie—so glad you appreciate our refreshed label!

    Michele's Granola on
  • I love your products. Keep up the great work!

    Linda Leonardini on

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