Attention Cranberry Pecan Fans!

  Releasing limited time seasonal flavors is a hallmark of Michele’s Granola, giving Michele the opportunity to highlight the most delicious flavors of each season in her crunchy granola. This winter, we proudly baked thousands and thousands of pounds of our toasty, cinnamon-y Cranberry Pecan granola, full of plump pecans and juicy tart cranberries.   But alas, winter is coming to an end and so is this seasonal variety. We hope that the sadness of saying goodbye to winter's Cranberry Pecan is tempered by the arrival of sunny, springy Lemon Pistachio! Loaded with clusters of oats, crunchy pistachios and almonds,...

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Partner Shout-out: South Block Juicery

With the mission "To build healthier block at a time," how could you not love South Block? Amir Mostafavi, pictured here in his finest Michele's Granola swag, is the owner of South Block. Under his leadership and vision, this little juice bar in Arlington, VA, has expanded to an empire with five locations in just five years! Not only do they create and deliver delicious, nutrient-packed juices, they also serve the finest acai bowls we've ever tried, many of which are topped with our crunchy, handmade granola. How much granola do these guys use? As they're expanding, we're delivering...

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Feature in The Baltimore Sun

Did you see it? Michele's Granola was featured in The Baltimore Sun! Michele has a great story to share about how experiments in her own kitchen with natural and organic ingredients evolved into a small business, and how that small business grew dramatically over the last decade! Special thanks to our friends at Wegman's and MOM's Organic Market, who contributed to this article and who are wonderful partners--not to mention awesome places to shop! We hope you'll enjoy reading this article, and we thank you for buying, sharing and gifting our granola and helping us to grow.

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Cranberry Pecan is here!

We love the holiday season—especially those wonderful flavors that conjure up warm holiday memories from winters past! We’ve blended some of those flavors into our current seasonal granola, Cranberry Pecan. Toasty cinnamon warms up this golden-brown blend, featuring giant chewy pecan halves, crunchy green pistachios, and sweet & tart dried cranberries. Of course it's delicious right out of the bag or bowl, but it also makes a tasty topping on avocado toast, or an outstanding alternative to croutons on a salad.Look for this very special limited time variety in the festive bag rolling into stores throughout the mid-Atlantic region. If you...

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