What do the seals on Michele's Granola mean?

If you've flipped over a bag of Michele's Granola, you may have noticed we proudly boast a few special seals...but what do they mean? Let us tell you!

"Handmade" isn't just an expression at Michele's Granola. We make granola in small batches, by hand. As Michele grew her business from baking a few dozen bags to baking thousands of pounds, rather than turning to machines or outsourcing the baking of her granola to a factory, she's just added more hands to the kitchen. And those hands are attached to wonderful member of the Michele's Granola family--meet some of them on our team page.





























We are committed to baking granola we are proud to serve to you and our own families, and that means we only use premium natural ingredients. We primarily source organic foods, and we do not source any ingredients that have been genetically modified. In fact, we're currently undertaking a third party certification to confirm that commitment to our customers. 




We love our planet, and we do our best to tread lightly on it. We recycle and compost our waste, we pack our granola shipments in peanuts made from water soluble corn starch, and we purchase wind power for electricity.  






Every variety of our granola is baked without dairy, eggs or honey, but you won't miss them! The proof is in the tasting--we invite you to compare our plant-based granola with any other on the market. 

{Note: All our products are Certified Vegan except for our Cherry Chocolate, due to the sugar on the dried cherries not being verified as vegan.}


Giving back to her community has always been important to Michele. That's why she founded the Give One for Good Food (r) program, an initiative through which we donate 1% of gross sales to organizations working to improve access to fresh, nutritious food in our community. To date, we've donated over $100,000, and we're working to expand the network and increase our impact. Learn more about the initiative HERE.   



We hope you can taste all the love and care we put into every small batch and every bag of our granola and muesli! Visit our online store HERE to order a bag, or check out our Store Locator to find a store near you carrying our products.

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